"A child miseducated is a child lost" - John F. Kennedy

The Premise: The world is getting younger; this means that there is a window of opportunity to realize the demographic dividend by having smart young people who can effectively engage in being change agents in the societies, as well as being able to articulate issues for effective governance.

The Motivation: There is strength in numbers, and we have the best and most effective communication platforms than any other generation before. Climate change is threatening our and future generations. Young people are getting more engaged in governance and effecting change in their societies. Young people do not care about Global North - South divides. We care about our present, and future!

The Plan: To make high level decision making processes and policies on climate change easy as pie! So? Young people will be aware of what can be done, and they will do it! As a start, the translation of a simple COP Pocketbook into several languages will enable young people to understand the happening at COP 18, and what their role is.

What Next? Knowledge is power! When we (young people) are in power a few years from now, we will be articulate and very very smart, and we will provide concise direction to the 'Future We Want'. In the short time, this is crucial in the Post 2015 process.

COP Pocketbook

This is a fun, easy-to-read and understand booklet on the international climate negotiation process. You can find read different language versions here

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